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windows live mail technical support teamHow To Migrate From Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail

This FAQ will help you to set up your mailbox with Windows Live Mail. They might not work with earlier or later versions of Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail won’t be supported for any types of email account from 10 January 2017. If you installed windows live mail socket error 11004 Live Mail into XP, the path is probably C:\Documents and Settings\ logon \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail.

If you can’t send or receive, try using our webmail application. You are now ready to use Gmail as a regular IMAP account in Windows Live Mail. Free Windows Live Mail Viewer maintains message formatting and metadata during complete Windows Live Mail messages preview.

This email server is quite flexible, as it is able to support multiple user accounts. If you created an account using the incorrect setting, you must delete that account and create a new one. Usually your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) will download the restore file to your ‘Downloads’ folder (C:/Users/YOURNAME/Downloads).

Instantly shows the preview of Windows Live Mail files by making use of in-built viewer. Switch to the Details tab to see the contents of your email header. You’ll be given a choice of Windows Live programs to install. Customers who still use the desktop-based email service will need to change their email habits by resorting to a new email service and routine.

The following instructions describe how to import messages and contacts from Evolution. Enhanced search features to enable searches of sender, title or content of an email. Any changes made to your messages (moving them between folders, marking them as read, deleting, etc) will be seen immediately on every computer or device that you check your email with.


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